COETAIL Unit 2- Literacy in Today’s World Archive

Making ISTE my Bestie- Diving Deep Into ISTE for Course 2 Final Project

This week, I am reflecting on my final project for Course 2 of COETAIL. I go

Small Deliberate Steps

This blog goes over #COETAIL13 Week 5 readings which centered on the following questions How do

Think Twice Before Posting

Think? What does it mean to think? Is it to recall ideas from a variety of

Let’s go to the Mall- Shopping for the Right Balance for Online Protection

This week as part of COETAIL, I was exploring readings related to the idea of authentic

The last march of the …Facebook?

Falling into a Routine Without meaning to, I have fallen into a routine of adding in

Copying Right

Copying Right- Understanding Online Plagiarism And here comes Course 2…… wait did I mess up in