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Making ISTE my Bestie- Diving Deep Into ISTE for Course 2 Final Project

This week, I am reflecting on my final project for Course 2 of COETAIL. I go

Small Deliberate Steps

This blog goes over #COETAIL13 Week 5 readings which centered on the following questions How do

Think Twice Before Posting

Think? What does it mean to think? Is it to recall ideas from a variety of

Let’s go to the Mall- Shopping for the Right Balance for Online Protection

This week as part of COETAIL, I was exploring readings related to the idea of authentic

The last march of the …Facebook?

Falling into a Routine Without meaning to, I have fallen into a routine of adding in

Copying Right

Copying Right- Understanding Online Plagiarism And here comes Course 2…… wait did I mess up in

Putting COETAIL into Practice

Coming to the end of Course 1, I already feel that I have been challenged in

The Importance of Staying Positive

The Importance of Staying Positive Do you get stressed? We have all had that day. You

Toying with Technology

Toying with Technology Going down the Cofino hole I have heard of people going down the

Scared of Learning

Overcoming Emotional Barriers Through Connected Learning This weeks readings revolved around the idea of connected learning