Learning Communitities

Unit 2: Your Communities asks me to reflect on the different learning communities I am part of. In creating my mindmap of the different learning communities, I can see this as an area for improvement. I always remember someone describing teachers as passing ships in the night. You may occasionally see another teacher in the classroom, but more often than not you are not given many options to learn from others. Water cooler conversations or rushed department meetings do give some time to discuss teaching methods but not in depth. The learning communities I am part of are more a list of where I have been, either professionally or for my own academics, rather than a community in the true sense. Having just joined twitter, I feel this is a good step. Well, I guess the first step was joining COETAIL but I feel that is more of a leap.  I want to be able to have a wider understanding and knowledge of all the ways educators are adapting, learning, and applying new methods and ideas in the classroom.

Well, with this quick post done I think it is time to go check my twitter account.


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